World’s Largest Beekeeper

I saw the below IBM article about Watson and beekeeping. The story is a good one. The Adee family has 80,000 bee colonies and trucks them all over the country.

I have a friend Tom who is from South Dakota and sent me the below email in response to this post.

“It is a good article. I know the Adee family well.They are originally from my mother’s hometown of Roscoe…population about 300 and roughly 40 miles west of my hometown of Aberdeen. Good people and amazingly successful.”

I also know how the Adees voted in the presidential election but that will be the writer’s secret!

A Great Baseball and Life Story, Ralph Branca

Professor Jacques Barzun wrote a book called God’s Country and Mine. His famous baseball quote came from that book.

“Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game — and do it by watching first some high school or small-town teams.”

November 23, 1963/2016

53 years ago today our President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. In the lifetimes of many of the readers of this blog, that event and the WTC bombing marked a short moment when time stopped and this country became one.

I remember Eric Severeid on CBS News telling the viewers that morning in 1963 that whatever affect it might have on world history, those watching would always remember where we were at that moment in time.

Let us pause today for a moment and before Thanksgiving, remember that this great country has survived wars and terrible disasters and will hopefully prevail  as the pendulum eventually comes back to the middle.

Warm Fall About to Change


Saturday November 19th the temperature was 63 degrees and after a very warm fall things changed quickly. The above picture was taken early Sunday morning. By noon there were 6 inches of new snow on the ground and temperatures kept falling. Wood is stacked and ready, Thanksgiving is this weekend. Deer season is open and things are getting about where you would expect them as we move into December.

The “Evil” Mainstream Media

I have gotten a lot of emails from friends and acquaintances both before and after the election. Regardless of how you voted a great strength of our country is based on the First Amendment to the Constitution and the freedom of the press. I am happy to admit that the press both Left and Right is blemished by a lack of professionalism and driven by ratings and revenues.

When Walter Cronkite was asked to run for Senate in New York State neither Republicans nor Democrats knew what his political leanings were. They both asked and he turned them down because he was a journalist.

Social media has worsened the problem as seen in the post below. This post is driven by an email I received yesterday. Without attribution here is a paragraph from the email filled with unfounded and unproven venom.

“By contrast, it is estimated that there were around 3m votes cast by illegal aliens this election, presumably all for Hillary, without which Trump dominates the popular vote as well as the electoral College in our Republic.”

I can’t begin to verify such a claim and I dont think it has appeared in the mainstream media.

But flawed or not the media can be criticized but must never be punished other than by viewers who choose not to watch, read or listen. Try being a journalist in Russia and see what happens!



The Power of the Internet

If you click on thelink below you will read an interesting story about an internet hoax. Regardless of the result or even the affect, it shows the amazing power and influence of the internet. The price we gladly pay for the First Amendment must always be carefully reviewed and accepted only after responsible reader review, true even of the Millbrook Times!


Leon Russell Gone but Never Forgotten

A friend posted the below on Facebook:

“Rest In Peace, Leon Russell. The multi, multi talented musician, from writing Joe Cocker’s hit Delta Lady, to country, gospel, his own Oklahoma country style, the powerful Carney album, collaborations with Willie Nelson, Elton John and so many others. And of course another whole body of work under the name, Hank Wilson.
Got to see him live about 10 years ago with my pal and Russell fan, Peter Krulewitch.”

The last time I saw Leon Russell in person was about 3 years ago up in Red Hook NY. They had set up a big tent in the center of town. He came out as usual all dressed in white with long flowing white hair and beard. He brought down the house.

I’ve posted two of his great songs. The second video is a classic bluegrass song Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, which he performs in hard driving rock and roll style.

We’re not likely to hear another like him. Just ask Elton John who warmed up the crowd in Las Vegas 30 years ago for Leon Russell!



Adirondack Park

I came across a great map which superimposed other national parks on the map of the Adirondack State Park. What an amazing treasure we have here in New York, 6 million acres.

Not mentioned is the Sawtooth Range of Idaho, an enormous park of 750,000 acres. We could probably squeeze that one in also.


Republican Platform-Non Partisan Thoughts

This may be the first political opinion piece I have posted. Hopefully it will be taken as an effort to pray for our country and for the best in the coming four years.

The most devisive election in the country’s history is behind us this morning. There is no way to even guess the direction the country will go with our new President, as he himself has little idea. I do predict, a wall will not be built, 11 million people will not be sent back, Hillary will not be prosecuted, Obamacare will not be repealed but improved (as 10 Million people would immediately lose their insurance), 11 women will not be sued and The Nafta treaty will not be scrapped. If I am right on most of these we will survive. In fact we will survive in any event and as over 250 years of ebb and flow have proved, we are stronger than any one person, E Pluribus Unum.

I did however come upon an editorial in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago that outlined what are no longer the principles of the present Republican Party but were among the standands upon which Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan built their popularity. What is surprising is how even handed it seems today and would be a good formula for our country going forward regardless of the party in power.

I saved the article to print the day after the election without of course knowing who the winner would be.

“They favor free trade, immigration reform, and well-targeted public investment. They are broadly internationalist and mostly support the treaties and institutions through which the United States exercises global influence.

They believe in climate change and can live with reasonable measures to abate it. They want corporate tax reform.  They would like individual tax reform but already can use the current code to minimize their effective tax rate. They believe in “entitlement reform” but would accept revenue increases along with it—the ever-elusive “grand bargain” at the heart of blue-ribbon commissions.”

Pluto….latest news

You may recall an earlier post which was a bumper sticker saying “Honk if you think Pluto is a planet.”
Well here is the latest on what was once an all but forgotten terrestrial neighbor, the Spiral Nebula.

This is the time of the year when Orion is most visible in the Southern sky. I can still pick out the dippers, casseopia, the pleides and a few other stars and planets.  Here are some facts about the Great Spiral Nebula in the constellation Andromeda

Distance to Earth: 2,538,000 light years
Age: 9 billion years
Stars: 1 trillion

The nebula appears as a faint star in the Constellation Andromeda, barely visable to the naked eye and the light from those trillion stars left there 2.5 million years ago.

Look on my works ye mighty and dispair.