It occured to me that as I live in Clove Valley, Town of Unionvale and shop in the Town of Beekman I should spread my audience to those two towns, that is if I have any audience at all!

So I thought I might mention that Beekman which has been wildly developed over the last ten years was until recently the second fastest growing town in New York State. Now I may be wrong and if I have any careful readers they might alter or correct that statement but at any rate until the recent turn down in the economy it was growing like mushrooms on the side of a rotted stump. Those growing pains have started to really show and the townspeople are trying to deal with the growth spurt and the pressure on everything from water to the schools.

As for Unionvale, Clove Valley hasn’t changed much in the past hundred years (not that I remember that far back)  but other parts of the Town particularly on the west side of Clove Mountain have seen a lot of new home development. So considering all that, I would welcome any comments or ideas about our towns.

In the meantime I may appoint myself an assistant historian of our towns and regale you with some of my earlier memories of the towns. I may tell you next about Ed Burns the best car mechanic I ever met who lived on Beekman Road right after the turn off to Sylvan Lake. He lived with his mother and his dog Rover.  His house is gone now. It was flattened after he died to straighten out the road across from Pevak Plumbing. Or maybe I will tell you about Marydon cottage near Stop and Shop and the hole for the pond that never filled in.

Ah but that will have to wait for another day.

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