I received the below email from a friend who for the sake of his privacy and my concern that he may take over this blog I refer to as Martin L, because that is his name. When I copied his email it came out bold and I can’t seem to small it up but that’s Martin for you! enjoy his witty comments. PK

Dear Publisher:  I like the chicken story.  But being a city kid, I am worried:  Only five hens to service two roosters?  Could it be the hens are not laying eggs because they just don’t have the time?  I am assuming chickens cannot say, “Puleese,  I have a splitting headache this morning?”  Is this an animal welfare issue?  Remember the New Jersey resident who was criminally charged with animal abuse because he killed a rat in his garden?  Isn’t this worse?

Moving on to other issues, what is the caloric value of that seven dollar spaghetti and meatball special?  Accept American Express?  And are we offering free shipping?

Do you have a “letters” column?  If not, why not?  Will you publish this?

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