I’ve just added a link to a Town of Beekman historical website. With the exception of Poughquag and the small cluster of old houses on Beekman Road, it’s hard to imagine what Beekman was like in it’s early years but this website has some good old pictures and stories.

The Town Crier Cafe, now on Route 22 in Pawling was originally on Beekman Road is an old hotel and general store that still had the canned goods on the shelves. I remember about 15 years ago (I’ll check to see the right year) I went to see the great banjo player Ralph Stanley play there. It was a freezing cold winter night with alot of snow on the ground. A good sized crowd had gathered and I guess Ralph’s bus got lost and probably stuck so we waited about an hour and a half before he showed up in his big old bus. It was so cold you could see your breath. When he finally arrived I don’t think he really knew where he was other than in the sticks somewhere, another night on the road. He was probably most concerned about getting paid. Anyway he introduced his musicians then said something like “If you’ll like what you hear put your hands together and we’ll give you a good show.”  Well it didn’t take much to start us clapping particularly when he played Clinch Mountain Backstep and it seemed like the room warmed right up.I imagine he was the most famous muisician that ever played in that old roadhouse.

The Town Crier now gets some pretty big names. A few weeks ago Leon Redbone played there. Unfortunately I missed him but had seen him before. It’s a popular place now and I think doing pretty well. You might check out Ralph Stanley and Leon Redbone on You Tube. They are both famous and more important real talented.

One thought on “Town of Beekman History

  1. The Town Crier will always have a special place in my heart. The late, exceedingly great John Stewart played there regularly, and had a great local following. He was headed there again in 2008 date but he passed away that January, in his hometown of San Diego. The good folks at Town Crier had the concert anyway and turned it into an all-star affair, with his Town Crier cohort joined by his wife, Buffy Ford Stewart, Roseanne Cash and the John Stewart Band, featuring Dave, John, Dave, Bob, Chuck and Dennis. Here it is: http://shop.californiabloodlines.com/orderjstribdvdsc.html


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