Well for those of my armies of fans, a quick report on my continuing desultory film career. The scene I was in was a big gathering of bootleggers at the Fairgrounds, I was the slickest dressed, some were missing teeth, drinking moonshine and chewing tobacco. They started filming just this one scene at about 8 in the evening and didn’t finish until after 1AM. I was given a cigar to smoke and before the evening was over I had smoked four really bad cigars from Nicaragua. I haven’t smoked in years but by the time I arrived back in Newnan It was 2:30 and I was totally wired up. Apparently even if you don’t inhale, the tobacco juice in your mouth can really give you a buzz. So now I am detoxing and hoping to get the poison out of my system in the next few days, but hey, that is show business. The movie will be coming out in the fall so get your reservations early!

So back here just waiting for the weather to get a little warmer so I can get into my bees and check them out.

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