Fear not the Mother Road, Peter. I am sending you John Stewart’s classic album -length ode to the road, “Rocket Roy and the Real World,” plus his spoken poem over the video he shot of his own journey, “Where Is the Road,” a tribute to the spirit still imbued in Cyrus Avery’s ribbon of dreams. Wish to god I was going with you.

The above is a nice  message from a good friend.

Now on an ordinary day I get from 2 to about 5 comments. I will give you a few below as well as the website they represent to tell you about the mischief makers out there. I assume they somehow link to my website although they clearly have read nothing.

“I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again”- website- free psychic readings

“I genuinely prize your work , Great post”.-website- learn to sing,  are good examples.

Now all the comments are pretty much the same, all very complimentary but people flogging everything from Feng Shui bedrooms to Diagnose sleep apnea to Burberry closeout bags and even one on how to win online poker.

I’m not sophisticated enough  to figure out how to get more traffic on this site or whether I really want a lot more as I’m selling nothing but hot air. I put up a sign in the local grocery store down on Route 55 with the web address as my simple protest against technology. It is right above the sign for the 2004 Honda civic and right below the babysitting in your own home sign with the little tear offs. I will tell you whether this drives a huge inflow of traffic!

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