I got into the bee yard yesterday and tried to salvage what I could. Of the five hives and a total of 10 full boxes I recovered four and three have quite a few of bees hanging on. The real question is whether any of the queens survived and how strong they are. I will check them out carefully and probably buy new queens and maybe one more 3 pound package of bees. I haven’t bought bees in a while and they are now quite expensive as a result of the Colony Collapse Disorder. I never lost bees to CCD just a big old bear. So as you can see I have decided to dust off and start over but this time with two changes. One is fewer hives and the other is an electric fence that should tie that bear up in a knot if he so much as breaths on it. A thank you to Zane and Gary Grey who rigged up this bear fence version of the electric chair.

A lot of comments, almost all encouraging about starting over. One in particular from a friend in Hong Kong of all places. He simply said “you must rebuild.” It could be a lot worse I could be in Joplin MO.

Now for two comments received. One from my brother, a punster/poet. He said “It’s just unbearable.” Rob Dyson a friend and neighbor cautioned me “Bee careful!”

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