When I started this blog I thought it might replace the defunct Millbrook Roundtable but so far I haven’t had anyone else with one exception who has contributed any stories. I’m getting a lot of hits every week so I know there is an audience out there but I would encourage anyone who wants to to submit news or other interesting events or happenings to the website.

I have received over 400 comments, almost all of them spam as you can tell not by the content but the attached URL. To give you an idea of one particularly nutty one:

“Effective discussion right here. I want to join with you by giving my comments on your web page. Initially, your page and design of your web page is so elegant, it is engaging. Additionally, in explaining your opinion and other news, frankly you are the splendid one. I’ve by no means met other individual with special skills in my working environment. Through the use of this comment web page, you are nice to present me opportunities for announcing some events. Secondly, I’ve checked your web site in search engine result page; some of your web site pages have ranked very well. Additionally, your topic is relevant with my desired one. Lastly, whenever you don’t mind, may you be a part of with us as a team, with a purpose to develop website, not solely basic net page, but also many explicit websites we must create for our missions. Every now and then, we, I and my staff have great function for you to develop that.”

Look out for the word EXPLICIT!!!

Now if you read this you probably said “Not bad.” Right? No wrong. The URL is for a webcam sex site. I wont encourage anyone by giving the exact address! However in the interest of full disclosure I do have three posts which relate to current activities in the area which I shall approve shortly.

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