The below article was in the Poughkeepsie Jounal yesterday and represents another example of business as usual. The process of selecting developers, changing zoning to suit, is another effort without merit to somehow save the waterfront.

The Dyson Foundation made the grant, I believe $2,000,000, to save and reconstruct the Poughkeepsie Railroad/Pedestrian bridge. That project was perhaps the most successful redevelopment in the Hudson Valley in the last 75 years. Why has the City not enlisted their help in planning and execution of these important buildings.

If I can dig it up I will post an editorial I wrote some years ago in the Journal about the basic problem of redevelopment and taxation on the City and Town of Poughkeepsie.

10:39 PM, May. 30, 2011 |

Hoffman House sale moves ahead in Poughkeepsie

A plan to rezone the historic Hoffman House property and sell it to a private developer could be back before City of Poughkeepsie leaders next month.

Officials said the Common Council has declared its intent to be lead agency for a proposal that Mayor John Tkazyik hopes will renovate two homes on the property near the Hudson River and increase public access to the waterfront.

Tkazyik said the rezoning proposal could return to the council in late June or early July. The council also must approve any sale of city property.

The Tkazyik administration has a preliminary agreement to sell the Hoffman site to developer Alex Duda for $550,000. Duda hopes to renovate the Hoffman House, where a medical spa would occupy the upper floor. No tenant for the ground floor has emerged, although Duda said it could be a law office. The other building on the site, the Reynolds House, could serve as a public visitors center, although Tkazyik said no plans have been completed.

The Millbrook-based Dyson Foundation is interested in the site, but officials there have not revealed their specific plans, citing negotiations with Duda, who signed a preferred developer agreement with the city last year.

Officials said the pact expires in October 2012.

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