The 74 VW Beetle made it so far. I’m about 50 miles North of Cincinnati, about 600 miles today. The car ran well, no major problems. I started at 6:10 this AM and within a half hour I noticed that my right foot was getting very hot. The heat was on and it took me a while to figure out how to disconnect it. Once I  had that figured out the ride was fine. I hit some rain in Eastern Ohio and West Virginia and found that my windshield wipers didnt clean the windshield very well. They seemed to get better as I went along. I’ll try to find some replacements tomorrow. I listened to a Harlan Colbin book and almost finished it when I stopped here near Xenia Ohio.

I stopped at Cabela’s in West Virginia but didnt buy anything.  I sent an email to my friend to Rob Dyson when I went by Marietta Ohio. He went to college there. He told me Route 70 wasnt even built when he went and he also told me not to text from the car! good advice.

I also went by Zanesville Ohio where cousin Mitzi’s husband Bill Smith came from. He was a professor at Dartmouth but was one of nine brothers from Zanesville. There was a big cemetary you could see from the road, probably a lot of Smiths sleeping there.

I had dinner at Werrner’s BBQ which was pretty good brisket. It compared very favorably with the Big W  in Wingdale.

I’ll post a few pictures above.

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