I left Winslow AZ, at 4:30 AM, where I sprang for the Best Western, $79 with AAA discount, sadly no cigarette burns in the carpet which I missed.

I stopped in Flagstaff AZ for an egg McMuffin, the only McD’s I stopped at the whole trip.(Which reminds me of the restaurant, Dot’s somewhere in Oklahoma I ate at. It had a sign, NO BARKING IN THE RESTAURANT, I will post a picture)

It was in the high 30s and windy but a beautiful mountain area near the Grand Canyon. After endless desert and dry flat land it was a welcome change.As I ascended into the mountains I spotted a Model A Ford sedan which passed me and was perking along at about 55 MPH. I began to regret my decision not to take the old Model A until we started ascending the highest elevations. The Model A disappeared in my rear view mirror, never to be seen again. The license on the car which had Kansas tags was Tillie, the name of our old dog. I took it as a sign of something, I’m not sure what.

On I went and descended into the desert of western Arizona. I had about 500 miles to get to Los Angeles. The radio stopped working or rather the speaker was so distorted that if I didnt leave the volume very low it was very scratchy. Of course with my hearing it was difficult to make out the religious messages or the right wing radio hosts, so I meditated and recited some Robert Service poems to calm down and cool off. By the time I reached the California border at midday it was well over 110 degrees. There were very few service stops on the Mohave desert, about 50 miles apart and I began to envision my skeletal remains being found with a few empty plastic water bottles but on I went and the old VW kept perking along.

As I approached the LA area the traffic began to build up and the 8 lane highways were filled with giant cars, trucks etc. It took me almost an hour on Route 101. I got off on Sunset Boulevard and arrived at the Sunset Tower Hotel at about 4PM, a 12 hour drive. I had dinner with friends and the VW was featured in front of the hotel for the evening. This morning the radio was back working fine so I think it may have been the heat, dust or like me it was just too tired to talk.

A few pictures above of the last day and Dot’s fine cuisine!

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