A careful reader reminded me that I had said I was going to blog about Rex,  a springer spaniel, 6 years old and a wonderful dog. Last week Rex got very sick. Actually let me go back two years when Rex was a death’s door having contracted Erlickia- I have no idea how to spell it- which is a severe tick borne disease. The vet, who will remain nameless over treated and over medicated him so that he was a bag of bones when we took him home. An excellent vet got him back on track and he has been relatively ok since.

Last week Rex stopped eating and became very lethargic. When he went to a new vet they tried hydrating him, did all sorts of tests. They couldn’t find anything until they took an xray…… Rex has been eating rocks! I’m sure it may be a symptom of something but we can’t figure out what.

Well he’s better and I wont go into detail, but maybe someone out there knows why a dog will start eating rocks. Maybe he thinks he’s a chicken and is filling his craw. But we’ve decided not to confront him because we need the eggs!!

One thought on “Rexy Boy

  1. the ‘proper’ spelling, as you put it, is Ehrlichia, an organism named in honor of the great scientist, Paul Ehrlich, the Nobel prize winning (in Medicine) triple threat scientist-physician. HIs most well known accomplishment was developing ‘salvarsan’ the “magic bullet”, for treating syphilis.
    Glad he is better..good dog!


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