“July 13th, 2011 at 03:30   Edit  the ‘proper’ spelling, as you put it, is Ehrlichia, an organism named in honor of the great scientist, Paul Ehrlich, the Nobel prize winning (in Medicine) triple threat scientist-physician. His most well known accomplishment was developing ‘salvarsan’ the “magic bullet”, for treating syphilis. Glad he is better..good dog!”

The writer is a doctor, a great friend who is giving up on New York and moving to the sunny south, God Speed.

Sadly Rex is not getting better and I think his whole system was compromised by the untreated and then improperly treated Ehrlichia as a result of a tick borne Lyme disease several years ago.

Today’s report Rex has an infection in his pancreas but is rallying. It’s day to day. I took this picture of him at the vets. He is a very good boy!

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