“Guess We may have the bragging rights so far. Just found a White Oak in Stanfordville, NY that measures 17 feet 6 inches around at the chest. Found the “monster” while doing some TSI work on the property. Contacting owner to let them know about the awesome specimen.”

A while ago I showed a photo of the biggest oak I had ever seen. It’s in the swamp behind the stone house in Clove Valley and measured over 15 feet around. I challenged anyone to beat it.We have a new entry see quote above.

There was a lady in millbrook who sent in a post about a cottenwood tree in her front yard that was a whopper but she never measured it- just volunteered to have anyone come and see it. So for now the Greys have the lead by over two feet.

I’d like to see a photo or two of the Stanfordville oak and I’ll post it.


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