“Here are the tree pictures you requested.  The tree is a little smaller then we first thought.  We had measured it using our arms in the woods, then measured three peoples arms.  The tree does measure 16′ 10″ a truly remarkable specimen.”
Zane Grey
It beats the oak tree in the swamp in Clove Valley by about a foot. This record may stand for a while. Both trees were probably around when we fought the War of Independence.

I’d still like to find one bigger but it seems doubtful.

One thought on “New Oak Champion Confirmed- Zane and Gary Grey lead (for now)

  1. A reader of this blog has reported a giant tree on West Dover Road between Pawling and Wingdale. When I get around to it I will bring my tape measure over there and let you all know if Gary Grey is still the champ. PK


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