Anyone who has ever had a garden knows what happens when you miss a few days during the Zucchini picking season. They grow so fast that by the time you get to them they look like baseball bats. I’ve always had the idea that these lethal sized veggies can be used for soup or stuffed or something can be done with them other than feeding them to the chickens. Any reader who has experience in their use is encouraged to comment or contribute ideas. No off color posts will be published.

I don’t know whether it is true but they say in Maine when your Zucchinis get out of hand  sometimes they are used to fill up a small car  as a prank.  Downeasters then wait around until the owner comes back and stand around laughing like a bunch of hyenas. I kind of like that idea, as wasteful as it might be.

You can tell by my Zucchinis whether I have been traveling or staying close to the farm. They are kind of a behavior barometer.  I’m not sure I even like the taste of small Zucchinis. Let’s face it, they are bland. No one ever said “Wow, that was a great tasting Zucchini!”

But, and this is a big but, they are easy to grow and no critters other than people bother with them. Do those critters know something we don’t?

One thought on “The Case of the Giant Zucchinis

  1. Hey Peter,

    Thanx again for the updates. Just thought I would fill you in on my latest. I have finally taken up “beekeeping” or bee guardianship. Thanx to you who spark my interest years ago with your hives. I was very fortunate to be in a class with two excellent dedicated instructors. Now, I know how little I know and much I have to learn. As you probably know the island has been hit with both the varroa mite and the small hive beetle in just the short time we have been here. The two are having a feeding frenzy with the island loosing at least half of it’s hives, if not more. It seems to have leveled off but no one is sure. Into that I jumped with the hope of using a new (actually old) style top bar hive with the hope of creating a healthy colony in a more natural setting. We will see. The next bloom is in Sept. when I hope to catch a swarm or two.
    Can’t believe you dealt with Cady again. Did you think you would deal with him and not stung again. I wish I had known you were so you could have deducted the ten thousand he promised me and never delivered. Needless to say I’m not fond of a person who doesn’t keep his word. He has an incredible gift of gab and by his own admission “talk the balls off a brass monkey” but it doesn’t help the people he hurts in his wake. The only good thing I can say about it is it gave me a chance to meet good people like you.
    Everyone has a story about when they hit a low point it their lives. Ours was when I started teaching.(Early 80’s) I had gotten out of construction to teach carpentry at a BOCES type school. I didn’t get paid for two months because someone in the office didn’t send in my paperwork. As you might guessed it, most of our meals were zucchini in every form possible. In Sept. everyone has zucc and plenty of it. It took a few years before could eat it again. Like you said there is not much favor there.


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