You may recall a post a few months ago when we got two fine cats who have adjusted well to barn living. They both got along well with old Rusty II and all was well with the world.

That is until last week when  Jesse went MIA. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him. He may just come back one of these days. Cats will do that. But more serious is Jim who has taken to wandering over to a neighbors. I received the following  email today:

“We need some advice on how to handle the black and white cat. It is here virtually full time and with G…s significant cat allergy it is a real problem for us. Every time we are outside it comes up to rub on our legs or our guests and will not go away. It jumps up on the counter of the BBQ and goes after the food. It sleeps on our outdoor furniture so when Gail goes to sit there later she can’t do it until I vacuum or clean up after the cat. It also stands at the door to the terrace and scratches to get in as well as clawing the window to get in to our den when we are watching TV.
It obviously is a people cat and we feel so sorry for it because we cannot give it affection. For whatever reason, it is not discouraged by our ignoring it and we do not want to be mean or risk hurting it to get it to go away. We need your help to find a way for it to return home and stay there. Please let us know if you have any thoughts on how to solve our problem.
Thanks, J”
Well There you have it. I can’t ask for suggestions because unless someone really wants to adopt Jim (he’d make a fine house cat), I’ll have to deal with him. He’s around at feeding time every day and sleeps in the cab of the old pickup but I guess he then toddles over to bother the neighbors. They live a good 1/2 mile away but that doesn’t seem to stop Jimbo. He’s a traveling man. I’ll let you know how I am going to deal with it. And absolutely not the burlap bag in the pond solution. I never have and never would do that.




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