I put a link to the right about a reference to the “Dover Oak- said to be the largest tree on the Appalachian Trail.” My nephew Jonathan apparently, by chance, found this incredible tree.

If you start surfing you will find a reference to the Keffer Oak in Blacksburg VA. which is on a part of the Appalachian Trail  that mushroom hunters follow. There is even a picture of a mushroom growing out of the oak. I cant find a reference to the Keffer oaks size but I found information on people who have hiked the whole 2100 miles of the trail. Maybe I should put this as an addition  on my bucket list. Any takers?

I had a great friend and classmate George Patsakos, sadly no longer with us,  who was a professor of physics at Idaho University. He used to hike the Saw Tooth Range every summer by himself. I remember him telling me that when he had been out for about 3 weeks he saw another hiker walking towards him. They passed each other without a word and just kept on going, a wonderful thought and memory.

One thought on “More Info on The Giant Oak

  1. Editor’s comment- two of the readers of this blog are sticklers for correct English grammar and spelling. I am sure MS has already noted that I left several apostrophies (sp?) out. I did it on purpose because for some reason when I try to add one the computer freezes and refuses to go on. It’s true- ok ok it is working now.


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