All of the comments on my last email were positive, well almost all. I only got one comment from someone who said she wanted to be taken off the list. She sent the following email:

“Hi- I think I’ll need to be one of the ones to sign off – I just haven’t had the time and I find the page confusing usually.

Many thanks though, V.”
Now hopefully she is no longer looking at the blog but one of the nice things about blogging is you can say what you want and you can also filter out comments you don’t want to post. Someone once said “Modesty doesnt run in my family it gallops.”
It occurred to me that 1) she assumes there are others who are dropping like flies 2) She says she doesnt have time and yet she looks at the blog and 3) Anyone who finds my blog confusing would probably have trouble with the New York phone book.
So I think all my readers out there are sufficiently intimidated that they would rather receive the emails than risk my rapier edged comments. In truth I didn’t even remember that this person was on my list as she was a person who did transcribing for me a few years ago on a book that is still in progress. My best guess is that it will be published posthumously.
So now do nothing to alarm the women and children and return  to the blog immediately.
I think this particular post may be confusing:)

One thought on “Reaction to my Email

  1. Hi Peter,

    Keep me on your list. I guess I spent so much time Clove that I am familiar with a lot of the subject matter.

    On the bees, yes, we are using the screen bottoms and a variety of SHB traps. Also, there has been the introduction of Russian hygienic gene to the queens. We even had an opportunity to see queens being artificially inseminated. Sort of took all the glory out of sex. I finished my first top bar hive and now I’m contemplating a Langstroth hive. There is a bloom coming in the fall so I hope to catch my first swarm. In this group of beginners it was asked of how each of us became interested in bees. To this, I gave you full credit for getting interested. Thank you !! This weekend is the last class and we will be working with the hives, both top bar and Langstroth.

    Boy, Blackstone was a good cat. I thoroughly enjoyed him when I was working there. Him and his antics. He was very personable too. I was crushed when I heard what happen to him. You remember Twana and Reverend Al, Well, we had Twana, (Pretty Little Girl ) for 19 years. We lost Reverend Al ( Max ) to a Cape Cod coyote when he was only two. Now, we have a mostly feral cat, PJ, who only comes around in the middle of the night to be fed.

    You mentioned the Model A Ford. Not sure if I told you this but my oldest brother had one too. A 1929 bathtub style. He did some of the work on it but never finish restoring it. To bad because it was in excellent shape. I remember he had bought all sorts of stuff from JC Whitney. Still remember it purring away in my parent’s garage.

    Downtown, our hamlet of 900, we have a local restaurant called the 50’s. Now imagine there is nothing else for twenty miles in either direction. So it is a local gathering place. On Friday night a local group plays and we go to listen and socialize. It is just like Cheers, where everybody knows your name. Maybe that is what Millbrook needs, a coffee house.

    My battery is running low, time to start peddling the generator. Thanx for doing the blog !!
    Jim and Joyce


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