I was in California this week for a few days and when I go there I always eat at least one meal at the In and Out Burger.

They are family owned and only in California

I may be wrong, possibly Arizona also.

Anyway it is the best food anywhere and is so much better than Burger King or Mickey Ds. Fresh potatoes that you can see them cutting, hamburgers and cheeseburgers fresh with lettuce tomato and raw unions (your choice if you don’t want them) and a thick shake actually made with milk and ice cream. It is so thick and rich you can pull your back out trying to get it through a straw.

Alas they have never been tempted to open across the country in spite of investment banker types trying to bring them public and having them open up everywhere. I rather respect that rugged individualism and I’m sure the owners are making more money than they can figure out what to do with.

But I would give up my throne (of course if I had one) to own just one In and Out Burger. I’d even wear the hat they all wear. Now I’m sure that if they opened up anywhere in NYC the lines would be around the block but maybe if I ask nicely they would open one in Millbrook, a complete fantasy of course, and it wouldn’t work anyway,  because Millbrook would become so crowded they’d have to move the hardware store and the diner out of town!

As you may have surmised I haven’t eaten lunch yet today. Maybe you  should never write a restaurant review on an empty stomach.

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