Friday morning the temperature had dropped to 40 degrees, the lowest since May. there is always that day, sometimes as early as the end of August when you wake up and know for sure that the change in weather is coming. It was a clear day crisp with fall in the air. There is something melancholy about it, an end to summer with all the thoughts beginning to turn to unfinished projects, plans for the fall and preparation for the winter. The tomatoes are all but finished and the only thing left in the garden are the brussel sprouts which stay strong until almost Thanksgiving. I didn’t plant pumpkins this year. The apples are all ripe and I’ve picked about half of the crop. It was a good year for apples and I made a barter agreement with my neighbor Gary to swap the apples for 20 pounds of honey as you may recall this was a disastrous year for my bees. At best I may get 20-30 pounds, way down from last year.  I feel good as I got Gary started in beekeeping about ten years ago. He keeps his bees in a chain link, fenced in former dog kennel, and so bears or other critters are not a problem for him.

At least I finally have a bear fence that is really hot and if the bears get through it this time I’m tossing in the towel after 35 years.

For some reason this evening I was thinking of our former neighbors who sold their farm about five years ago, maybe closer to ten. They loved to hike and ride the trails late at night in the fall and even into the winter when the moon was full. We never went out together although I thought the idea was  wonderful. Maybe this fall I’ll give it a try.

One of these pictures I took because it is the first maple that is starting to turn although the leaves don’t really change until the second week in October. I think all the rain this summer may bring an early fall. One picture shows the light on the far hills which also for the first time shows the greens getting lighter. That picture has a wonderful maple in the foreground which we all know as Ernie’s maple. Ernie, the dog whisperer I have written about before,  wont be coming back after 15 years as health problems are keeping him home in England. I haven’t told the dogs or they will start disobeying just knowing that Ernie wont be here to keep them in line. I’ll post a picture of that maple when the colors are full. It’s quite a sight.

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