This is the pond up on Mack Road that was originally a swamp and about 15 years ago George Baker my neighbor and I decided to see whether we could build a pond.  We excavated, built a damn and the pond has been there ever since. At the deepest it is about 10 feet. We originally called it the lake but it is only about 5 acres. In the Adirondacks a pond can sometimes be a mile across so lake was definitely out and even pond may be a bit of a stretch. Anyway  it’s filled with bass and sunnies and as you can see I built a little cabin for my retirement  when the new Great Depression comes, which may be soon!

Well for the first 10 years it was also great for swimming but about that time the weeds began to grow and grow and grow. The dogs still like to swim there but humans can’t fight their way through the weeds. At this point I have to caution #1 son not to post the picture of me coming out of the pond after capsizing the boat, covered with weeds looking like a Rasta Man.

At first I thought I would pull them out and even had an a courageous and enthusiastic friend Cindy P who swam like a fish and helped me pull them  but alas it was a drop in the bucket. Then two years ago I bought these little capsules that were supposed to kill the weeds but keep the fish alive. They were expensive and came from Aquacide a company somewhere in the Upper Midwest. They did nothing. Yes I followed the directions but no go. So last year I tried two things. One was a dye for the water that I think was supposed to darken the water and discourage weed growth. It turned the lake, oops pond, into a Mediterranean blue, quite beautiful but the weeds continued. they laughed when I tried my final trick. A friend from Millbrook who said this was foolproof convinced be to buy these large plastic balls filled with some kind of barley. They float on the top of the water and are supposed to disintegrate and the barley lays on the bottom of the pond and somehow kills the weeds. You guessed it. I had four plastic balls floating around the pond for two months and no dead weeds.

Unless one of my loyal readers has an idea I think I will give up and hope that a French impressionist painter decides to paint a canvas of the pond and it turns out to be worth a million dollars which is about as likely as me finding a way to kill the weeds.

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