George, a friend from the Berkshires visited this weekend. He started the Berkshire Natural Resource Council and dealt with everything from farming to pond and lake issues. He scratched his head when I told him about the weeds. When I told him it was Duck weed or at least I thought it was, he cast his eyes down and told me “no hope. ” They are very difficult to remove by any other than draining the pond (goodby fish) or pulling them all by hand.

Another remote possibility would be to get an old spring mattress and drag it across the pond. I rather like this idea but it is probably 300 feet across the pond and I began to picture bull dozers and long chains.

Now there remains  a foolproof method which  I have been looking into. I thought it was illegal in New York State but I saw on the internet that it is used extensively in Kentucky for pond weeds.  Copper sulfate was used for years to kill weeds in ponds and it works. When you check it out it seems the amount you use is critical. For instance it is used as a herbicide in agriculture and you are warned that if ingested it can cause vomiting and in extreme cases suicide. So I will move rather cautiously and check first to see if it is illegal and of course I have to intention of ingesting it or for that matter committing suicide!

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