Zane Grey’s father Gary called me this AM. Zane and Gary who found one of the big oaks up in Stanfordville told me about a sycamore that has them all beat. I checked on the internet and found the article below. It seems to have been written fairly recently so I’ll either have to get up there or have someone take a recent picture as the author refers to it only ” just  holding it’s own.” If it is still  alive and kicking it is bigger than the great oak on the Appalachian Trail in Dover and interestingly a sycamore,  which is also known as the London Plain Tree. I never knew they lived that long and wonder whether they were brought over from Europe or were indigenous to America. Anyway we have a new winner to a two year free subscription to this blog:). For  Jono our previous winner – you are beaten until you find a bigger one in Dutchess County, a daunting task! PK


“On the way back from PA, Monica and I detoured via Pine Plains, NY to
see the great Pine Plains sycamore. My only previous visit to it was in
Oct 2001 at an ENTS rendezvous. As contrasted to the locations of the
Pinchot and Sunderland sycamores, the Pine Plains tree is in an idyllic
location. It is located a short distance into a very large corn field
with long ridges on all sides that impart a peaceful rural setting for
the huge sycamore. The ambience of the Pine Plains sycamore’s
environment is far superior to that of any of the other sycamore giants
in New England and New York.

Pine Plains Sycamore Gallery from Oct 2001

The Pine Plains tree measures exactly what it did in Oct 2003. It is
still 114.2 feet tall and its girth is 26.5 feet, and an average limb
spread of around 140 feet, maybe slightly less. Vitality wise I suspect
the great tree is just holding its own.”

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