Ernie and Anna wont be coming from England this fall. On an earlier post I talked about Ernie as the Dog Whisperer. There is nothing he doesn’t know about dogs, how to train them, how to breed them, how to make them obey without hurting them. He commands their respect and obedience by experience, willpower and knowledge. Every fall for the last 15 years Ernie and Anna have come to stay for a month or two and this year Ernie has had some serious health problems that will keep them from coming over. Now here is a funny thing. there is a maple tree up on the hill that Ernie loves. He watches the leaves changeĀ  as the weather gets colder. It is just about now that the tree is a bright golden yellow, almost always the middle of October. This year the colors are poor. Wind and rain have blown a lot of the leaves off early and the colors are dull on the trees. I think maybe the old maple knew that Ernie wouldn’t be here to see it in full fall dress.

Ernie called today and he sounded good on the phone. Beatrice is in heat and she will be bred to Snipe a fine English dog, who arrived today from Vermont. Ernie had a lot of good advice about breeding, how to count days and when to cover her, so I hope we will have puppies in about 66 days.

Ernie did have a comment on my recent accident which I will post shortly. We probably were the worst two carpenters who ever worked together. His wife Anna always got a good laugh out of watching us trying to repair a table or fix a door. We’d yell at each other and disagree on how best to tackle the task and when it was done we admired our work and more often than not we had to do it over again until we got it right.

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