For those of you who follow this blog I was amazed at how many comments I got on my recent fall off the ladder. I  am supposed to get some stitches out this week and figure out what to do about my broken finger.


Some of the comments of course were serious and respectful, some gave advice, some were funny, and some compared similar accidents the reader had had. So I am publishing a few, which I have selected and in some cases altered the language but not the import:

Here is one from a practical friend who is always careful:


Peter, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Please don’t go on any ladders unless someone is there with you- better yet stay off them completely and NEVER go on a ladder with a sharp tool( knife, saw, pruners, scissors etc.).I’m sure this is just what you don’t want to hear… but it had to be said.

Now a slightly racist remark:

Didn’t no one tell you ….s don’t climb ladders to the roof (especially alone!)?


This is one I had to edit:

Oh, Peter, you dumb, dumb s….  Climbing ladders?  I have not done that for a long time—actually 4 weeks ago, but my ladder was aluminum, and Pinks was standing below to catch me.  Time for both of us to reconsider.  Spending a couple of hundred bucks to have some guy climb the ladder and fix the roof too much for you?  Nope, it ain’t money.  You just cannot face the fact you, my friend, ARE GROWING …. (I couldn’t bring myself to put the O word at the end-editor).


I like the next one because it compares injuries, and I fail in comparison:

Peter –  I enjoyed your issue. It’s nice to know you still have the house on Fire Island, and I’m glad you survived your spill from the ladder with only a broken finger and stitches in your shin.  Back is OK?
Not to be competitive, but I did a face plant on the breakwater in Provincetown in June, get my first ambulance ride (to Hyannisport ER) six stitches next to my left eye, and minor patching up.  The worst was the two black eyes which I mostly covered with dark glasses for a couple of weeks, and a blue left cheek (“gravity,” my PCP explained). My hands were fine because apparently I held onto my camera.
Enjoy the fall.
The last comment is from Ernie’s wife. Ernie as you will see below is the second worst carpenter I ever worked with:

Just read your blog about your fall from ladder Ernie killed himself  laughing  so you made someone happy  Hope you are OK Anna





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