I usually don’t use last names for friends but I’m making an exception here. Jay is the executive columnist for the Daily Racing form and author of many books. He succeeded my cousin Joe Hirsch the racing writer who I have written about previously. His wife is Julie Krone perhaps the most famous and successful woman jockey in racing history. I think she was the only woman jockey to win a triple crown race, the Belmont in 1993. Julie is in her late forties (hope I got that right) and had a bad accident a few years ago, was thrown and run over by a horse she was riding. In September coming out of retirement she went to England to compete in the  Leger Legends Stakes in Yorkshire England and ran away from the field. The video below shows the race and I will post some sweet pictures of her win, her daughter and some nice English scenery. She weighs about 97 pounds but the picture on the right will give you an idea of how strong she is. Her daughter Lorelei is 6 and as full of mischief as her mother.

I’ve got to get them up to Clove Valley one of these days.

In a kind of related way I was going through some old composition books of a Methodist preacher in Texas who was a circuit rider from the 1870s to the 1920s. He referred to a cousin of his named Tom Campbell who was a Governor of Texas. He said of him “There wasn’t a horse that man couldn’t ride.” I imagine that goes for Julie also. I’ll have to rustle up a horse from Erica Albrecht when Julie comes to visit. As for Jay and yours truly  we can watch and admire.

You will note there are no pictures of Jay or me although he recently took some  pictures of my orange VW 74 Bug, which I may post one of these days.


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