Well we are trying again with Beatrice. After her failed phantom pregnancy with Rocky, a fine elderly dog from California (11 years old) Bea has a new suitor, Snipe, originally from England now Greenwich Connecticut is installed at the kennel next to Bea. Bea went into heat last week so timing is everything and today Snipe was called into service and performed very well according to eye witness reports. No cigarette smoking and drinking, no foreplay just go at it and get it done.

Well we will try again, I mean they will try again,  the next few days to hopefully insure success and nine weeks from now we may have a nice litter of pups. Her last litter was 6 healthy pups, the last one Chevy was born in the back of a truck coming home from the vets.

Bea’s mother was Tilley or Tilley Bird Johnson as we called her. She was the best hunter and best dog ever put on this earth. She was squirrelly around strangers and very shy but put her in the field and she could run all day. Snipe comes from a very good line of English Springer Spaniels. His owner had to wait two years and pass a test before the breeder would allow him to emigrate to America. I haven’t checked Snipe’s immigration status but his new wife is  American born so the pups will be Yanks.

I’ll take some more recent pictures but this one was a few years ago when Bea was obsessed about shoes.

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