Two pictures from last weekend but today it is raining hard and steady. I can’t remember a fall when we had more rain. As usual there are a lot of projects I didn’t complete which I can at least attribute to the rain. I haven’t taken the meager bee harvest off yet, probably this coming week if I get a few clear days and I had a little outside painting that Marvin was going to come over to get done but that may have to wait until the Spring. The fall colors were poor this year but at least I got a few days as the picture shows up on East mountain.
The only thing left and that will wait until Thanksgiving are the brussel (that doesn’t look like it is spelled right but you know what they are) sprouts. The frost doesn’t seem to hurt them and this year for some reason they did very well. I used to hate brussel sprouts, they are usually very bitter but the smaller ones from the garden are delicious.
Two weeks from now there wont be a leaf left on the trees and the cold weather will arrive.

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