Clove Valley went 6 days without electricity in the big snow storm although it has pretty well melted because it has been unusually warm the last few days. The lights came on last night about 9 o’clock.

Sherlock Holmes referred to electricity in one of the Basil Rathbone movies. The scene had to do with a jewel that was stolen in spite of an alarm system in place. He said electricity was the high priestess of false security! Now why in the world would I remember that, a totally useless fact when I can’t remember someone’s name I met last week.

My friend Lou, the plumber in Millbrook has had a busy week what with every kind of outage. He told me that the earliest you can get delivery of a generator is January. I always think about getting one but never have and probably never will.

I’m afraid to look in the refrigerator or freezer.I’m sure it wont be pretty.

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