The Millbrook hunt is one of the oldest and best known fox hunts in the United States. Many large landowners allow the hunt to go through their properties so there are many trails to follow. It is a beautiful fall activity but a friend from Millbrook warned me about posting a blog about it. He probably was slightly worried that I might poke fun at it and the ball, but I wont. The ball is held once a year and the proceeds go to maintaining the trails, the dogs (HERE I HAVE TO CORRECT MY TERMS AS A LOYAL READER POINTED OUT- “PETER THEY ARE NOT DOGS, THEY ARE HOUNDS!”) and I suppose many other costs. It is very fancy. I attended once many years ago. the invitation said “colours if appropriate.” Needless to say I didn’t have appropriate colors . Every one knows the Oscar Wilde quote about fox hunting so I guess I have to put it here: “Foxhunting the unspeakable pursuing the inedible.”

There is a legend that one fox hunt went on so long that it ended in Clove Valley, 10 miles away from where they started. I don’t know whether it is true but I like the idea. I have some friends coming for dinner Saturday night. I called them because I doubted that they would be going to the hunt ball. Mary Jean said “We went once also!” I must say the Millbrook Hunt is a beautiful and well liked addition to our county. The fox might disagree with me but most residents would.

While I’m at it if you ever need a clever quote just go to Oscar Wilde. He must have spent a lot of time just thinking up clever things to say. the one I like best and it’s probably not true is his quote about his early failed attempt at marriage. He said “Niagara Falls was the second great disappointment of his marriage.”

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