Ok – here is the update on the chickens. I bought five “laying ” hens from a friend, nameless for now, and they were real plump beauties, only problem was that they weren’t laying, maybe one egg or two every day or so. I called him and said, “Take the chickens back,” which he did on tuesday. That left me with four old hens and two roosters. The old hens weren’t laying and one of the roosters was nice and fat because he had been eating plenty. that left Elvis, the Polish Top Hat rooster.
So here’s the deal. I’m calling Macario, who lives over in Poughkeepsie. His wife knows how to “prepare” old chickens. She must cook ’em slow and for a long time. Macario has four sons. This is an event for the family. they will come over and take the chickens. But before he takes them he deftly dispatches them, quick and painless.

That leaves Elvis. I’m calling a neighbor who gave me Elvis as a kind of present. It seems Elvis was fighting with all his other chickens and he wanted to calm things down so he gave him to me. Frankly I like Elvis and wont be able to knock him off. On the other hand it makes no sense to keep one rooster all winter alone.

I’ll buy day old Rhode Island reds in March, as I do every few years, and they’ll be laying an egg a day starting in July. If you have any ideas of what to do with Elvis for the winter or you would like to have a handsome rooster free, let me know. No wisecracks about sending him to Miami until next spring!

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