I had some friends up for the weekend, one from Virginia and one from Georgia. I had to take them to Big W’s for some major BBQ. Now I can only eat BBQ about once a month and that’s pushing it. I love it but it gives hearburn new meaning.
Well, Warren (Big W) started out with a smoker and a trailer on Route 22 in Pawling about 7 or 8 years ago. Everyone heading North for the weekend had a chance to stop at Big W and many did. Warren is serious about BBQ and can talk your ear off about every kind, style, type, preparation, history, you name it.
About a year ago he found an empty store in Wingdale (not difficult) and set up a restaurant in a small shopping center, next to Dawn’s hair studio.

The food is poisonously good, brisket melts in your mouth, chicken, shredded pork, ribs, side orders of baked beans, mac and cheese,greens that look suspiciously like cabbage and banana pudding and Aunt Lottie’s apple pie among a lot more items for dessert.
All you have to say to Big W is “there are three of us.” He gets the picture right away and start carving and serving. You gotta try it if you get up my way. Here is picture inside the smoker and one of Big W’s van which used to be his store and is now used for away games.

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