Macario is a good friend from Poughkeepsie. He is a master auto body mechanic who I have known for a lot of years. His wife used to work in a restaurant in town and knows how to cook. In particular she knows how to cook old hens who have stopped laying. Well my hens have stopped laying and on Saturday afternoon Macario came over to “pick up” the hens. I’m using quotes of course to be vague about how and what Macario quickly and efficiently did with the hens. It was quick and painless and they are feeding a nice family of 6 as I write.
Here is a before picture:
The only after picture I will display is Macario with the two roosters. You may recognize Elvis upside down. The roosters went down to Chris who lives in Clove Valley and has agreed to let them winter there. They seemed quite happy when I brought them down, they immediately started fighting with the other chickens which is what they do.

Next Spring about March 15th I’ll buy twenty, one day old chicks, probably Rhode Island Reds as usual and four months later they will be laying an egg a day for usually two years or more.

Now as an after thought, I am not squeamish about dispatching chickens, my father used to do it with a hatchet on an old apple stump.I haven’t done it in a few years since Raleigh found one of the rooster heads and was found crunching it in the kitchen, rather bad things happened after that.

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