Eddie has lived in this area all his life. I guess he is in his late 70s and has come around for years and fed the cats when I am away. He used to do a lot of mowing and other work and was a first rate man with a chain saw or on a tractor. Well he reported when he was driving in Clove Valley last week near the stone house he saw what he said was a big gray bobcat run across the road. I’ve only seen a few bobcats over the years. They usually just look like about two times the size of a regular barn cat, so I started to check to see what I could find about the Eastern Mountain Lion and whether there had been sightings here in the Hudson valley.
I found the two articles below:

….I drive through NY State regularly on my way to Boston area from PA……I was driving back thursday along the Taconic Parkway and sighted a Mountain Lion on the edge of the road on the south bound side between mile marker 53 and 54……nearest cross road I saw was Tyrell Road. Have never seen a Mountain Lion in the Northeast before….reported it to the Westchester County Game Office as well as a Game/Wildlife Office in Albany.

Hudson River Almanac August 13 – August 19, 2009
There were sporadic reports of mountain lions in Dutchess County in May and July, and of black panthers in Rockland and Bergen Counties, but the evidence necessary to make a positive identification never seemed to follow.

There was also an article in a paper further upstate about house cats missing and Jesse a young barn cat of ours disappeared recently.
I’ll post two pictures – the first is a bobcat and the one below is a mountain lion.
Well I got pretty excited until I called Tom Chadwell down in the Clove. He told me there was no chance it was a lion, they haven’t been seen here since the early 20th century. He did say however that there were many bobcats in the Clove and some were really large. He also told me the bobcat is gray and the lion is yellow. Eddie said the cat was big and gray. So there you have it. When I was a kid we never saw a bear and now they are all over the place but I think we may have to wait a while before the mountain lion comes back, probably just as well.

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