This old chair is in great shape, very solid and is sitting in the basement because no one seems to do caning anymore. I tried a few local furniture places but no luck. There used to be a few guys over in Poughkeepsie that did caning in their garages. The were cheap and very good. I think the blind organizations also did caning but I couldn’t find anyone. I tried Googling “Caning in dutchess County” and found two interesting hits. Ive listed them below. The first one is over in Elizaville which is up in Columbia County near Germantown, a pretty long drive so I may give the guy a call Monday and see whether he will take the chair.

The other hit really got be laughing. It was listed under “Caning.” I can’t imagine what this person whose name I have redacted had in mind for my chair and how he knew my chair was a girl!

Furniture & Refinishing
Jim Choinsky Finish Carpentry
Furniture restoration, and repairs. Chair caning and seat weaving. Established in 1986. Fully insured. Free estimates. See also under “Carpentry & Custom Woodworking.”

• Dutchess County NY Spankings Fri Jul 2 03:49
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