I wish I had taken the picture on the right. The picture on the left is what is left of an old pine tree that came down in the October snow storm in 1987. It is rotted and all that remains is the 6 foot stump. Recently when I drove down Mack Road a magnificent bird, the pileated woodpecker, was hammering away at the bugs that still are living in the old pine. The sound was like a jackhammer.

I didn’t have a camera and the bird flew away too quickly in any event. The Pileated Woodpecker, shown above is as big as a crow and is the second largest bird of that species. The largest is the Ivory Billed which was thought to be extinct but has been sighted in Arkansas or Louisiana in recent years. I’m not sure the sightings have been confirmed.

We used to belong to the Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club and went on these wonderful bird watching walks. I think neighbor John W. is still a member and not sure why we dropped away. Anyway this woodpecker was something to see. It is a fairly rare sighting although you know they are still out there when you hear them working in the woods.

This is the season that the eagles return to Clove Valley and begin their annual migration. It has been unusually warm so they haven’t returned yet. There is an old dead cottonwood tree down in the Clove they perch on and they are easy to photograph. I’ll see if I can get a picture and post it.

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