My father was in the Marines. He started out as an enlisted man, a private and wound up after 40 years a high ranking officer and a veteran of Iwo Jima . For some strange reason I dreamed of him last night although he died in 1978. When I woke up I had a song in my head which he used to sing when we were all jammed in the station wagon. I only remember a few lines but they were:

Captain Jiggs of the Horse Marines
Fed his horse on corn and beans
And he always lived beyond his means
As they always do in the Horse Marines

Then I started thinking how many people today live beyond their means or that have no means or jobs. I’m always worried that like my great uncle, a flamboyant spender, I’ll flame out and die broke. . He was in building and construction (sound familiar?) went broke during the depression and moved to California. He lived to be about 95 but never dusted off and got back in the game. So this coming year I will still worry and maybe try to live within my means, no easy task today.

Then I realize how unimportant it is to worry about it. Life is a journey and each day is a gift to value. My philosophy, at least on day one of the New Year is like my friend George who always loved to start out everything with a fresh pad of paper and sharp pencil and be ready to go.

More in the next blog about Captain Jiggs or as I found out on the internet it was really Captain Jinx and had a colorful history.

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