Sam’s Club, BJs Warehouse and Costco are the three big discount stores for everything from socks to steaks. Those of my readers outside of the Northeast might never have heard of BJs but it is pretty good and I have been a loyal member for many years. There are two of them not too far from the farm, one in Fishkill, 11.4 miles away and one in Yorktown Heights 26.6 miles away, right off the Taconic Parkway.
For years I have been hearing how much better Costco is and so when my membership came up last month at BJs. I made the switch to Costco and believe me so far I am having regrets. The membership is $55, about the same as BJs and everyone seems to think the meat and produce is much better.

But here are a few of the problems:
1) The nearest one is 23.2 miles away in Brookfield Ct, and there are several in NYC. There is also one in Commack Long Island which is convenient if I am going out to the Island. So geographically I am challenged.
2) They only take debit cards or their own American Express which, you guessed it costs $55/ year, very tricky
3) One of the Costco stores charges for parking, $5.00- go figure!
4) It is much more crowded and disorganized, at least the one I went to be photographed and fill out the application.

A friend offered to have me use his card but he is a little shorter than I am and has a full beard and I think they would figure out pretty quickly it wasn’t me. They might even take the card away and punish him severely.

I could of course be a member of both clubs but who would have me? So I am stuck for one year until I can go crawling back to BJs and ask whether they will accept my disloyalty and take me back into the fold.

I am sure if I check on the internet there are probably a million hits with strong opinions on which of the three discount clubs are the best but at this point I have better things to do, like blogging.

Take your pick

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