I’m stuck with not much to report. The winter is coming on here, the pond is frozen, there are dark clouds this afternoon and the temperature is just above freezing, maybe some light snow tonight.

But here is a dilemma. I have been in contact with the Poughkeepsie Journal who would like to link to my blog and maybe print some of the entries. Ok that sounds pretty good but the editor wrote me that they would want me to focus on only Millbrook events, people and human interest whatever that might be. I guess it would include animal interests but I’m not sure.

I could still put in entries about nature, by the way the eagles are back for the winter, and maybe some other stuff but I guess political views, history and of course my favorite subject, yours truly, might be out of bounds. So I think what I will do is say no but tell Mr. Shinske the editor that he can cherry pick the blog and put on what he thinks might be of interest to his Dutchess County readers.

In the meantime I will have to start working on some new ideas.

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