There is no food I like better than a good bread pudding. Good is the operative word. Aunt Jo in Trenton made the best bread pudding in the world, nothing even close. Her daughter who is also a great cook sadly didn’t get the recipe before Aunt Jo went on. It was custardy and the bread would melt in your mouth. I’ve tried bread pudding at every restaurant I’ve ever seen it on the menu but it never comes even close.

This subject came up because there was an article last week in the Poughkeepsie Journal by Kate Cavotti who is a chef at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park. The title of the article is very deceptive, “A Simple Yet Elegant Dessert.” Hah, there is nothing simple about bread pudding. She does allow “the concept is simple once you have mastered it.” I guess that applies to race car driving or designing your own space ship.

I can barely boil water but I did try to make bread pudding once. I got what looked like the best recipe from the internet and followed the directions, well I tried to follow the directions. My #1 son is a great cook and always says, “just follow the directions.”

I used honey instead of sugar, because it said I could and of course I am always long honey. Well it came out OK. By that I mean you could eat it without gagging but it didn’t resemble Aunt Jo’s.

I wonder whether anyone out there has some ideas. The chef in the Poughkeepsie Journal said one quart of milk and eight whole eggs but she either kept the secret of what to do with them to herself or she didn’t want anyone to try it.

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