Sunday morning the temperature was 2 degrees above, the coldest day so far but surprisingly there is almost no snow and in fact it is raining today. Which is good because we have two big burn piles that are being reduced to ashes. They are in the middle of the cow fields and as the cows are gone for the winter the time has come. The woods and the edges of the roads are still filled with downed trees from the October storm, so this is winter work.

On our road there is a new issue or rather two new issues. There is a developer who wants to put in 20 houses on about 400 acres which doesn’t sound too bad if you haven’t been on our road. It’s unpaved and very scenic oh and one lane! Well many years ago a neighbor and I agreed not to contest the development if the houses couldn’t be seen from our land. I’m hopeful that the economy will do more to stop the development than any local resistance as there are many houses for sale in our county. The other issue is more personal. A neighbor has decided to fence his property.

Now we all know that fences make good neighbors. That is unless the fence is 10 feet high and chain linked. There is even talk of electrifying it. It looks like a prison fence and the neighbors are not happy. The owner who will remain nameless has about 1200 hundred acres and raises gigantic deer and even has put some elk in. If you look through the fence you would think it was Jurassic Park. I think the fence is to keep the bears out and that has caused the bears to stop ranging on the top of the mountain and among other things finding my honey.

The fence seems to have been stopped for the time being by an angry neighbor who has gone to the town and complained. As for me I own the property across the road from the fence and while I am offended by it, I’m not sure what can be done.

So our sleepy town and road have a few new issues to deal with. The people up in Pine Plains are fighting a development of I think 600 houses on the old Carvel property, so I guess our problems aren’t as bad.

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