I just checked and found that I have over 6000 comments that I have neither moved to trash nor read. So rather than a bulk trashing I looked at them on the chance some were worth posting. In the first 500 I found one post that was not spam. The others in no particular order had the following subjects among many others – with my comments:

Motorcycle accident lawyer- don’t need one
Eye Floaters- have them, so what
Free Cigarettes- don’t smoke (anymore)
Mobile Money Machines- This one I can’t figure out
Diabetes- Don’t have it and don’t want it
Convertible cribs- Either too late or too early
Liquid cigarettes-Uggh
Muscles quickly- Charles Atlas where are you now?
Illicit Distilling- My uncle Bill has a still on the hill

So now I have to decide whether to just trash them all or look through them. I say trash ’em and if anyone wants to comment, easier to send me an email.

And speaking of spam or Spam, a few years ago I was driving through Minnesota on the way to Mitchell, South Dakota and I went through a small town where they made spam. (I just checked it was the Hormel Company in Austin MN) There was a great sign that I sadly never photographed. It said “FINALLY A SPAM MUSEUM!”

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