This is the 20th year of what started out as the “Male Bonding Weekend” and has turned into the boy’s weekend. This year eleven of my close male relatives gather at the farm for a weekend of poker, eating (mostly junk food except #1 son’s gourmet feast Saturday night-Mexican this year) talking, hiking and catching up. The oldest member is my brother in law 83. The youngest my nephew’s son is 8. Usually another nephew comes from Moscow where he worked for 12 years but this year he is back in the States. Another nephew comes from Paris, another from Maine and two of the youngest grandsons come from Bermuda. We have only had a few absences in all the years.

We all arrive friday evening at different times so one group eats- make that pigs out at the Big W BBQ and brings food back for the late arrivals. One of my grand nephews is a vegetarian although there were emails flying back and forth to clarify they he was not a vegan and loves eggs.

Poker used to be big stuff with long games going on for hours. We still play poker but in a more mature restrained way, I think.

We on occasion have souvenirs, MLB cups, sweatshirts, hats but this year #2 son had done a computer generated 20th anniversary T shirt. It is described as being abstract. I would have gone tie dye but the younger ones don’t even know what that is.

Weather this weekend started with terrible rain and chilly winds but improved but no snow. Last year there was so much snow you couldn’t get from the house to the barn.
Between eating and poker and of course constant computers sitting on laps, there isn’t much time for anything else.

Now comes the part about trying to have the house resemble its original condition before the weekend, no small task. And a few more pictures when we upload them. Any facebook friend of any of the younger relatives will be inundated with pictures I’m sure.

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