A few years ago I interviewed Andy Rooney and asked him how he decided what to talk about on 60 Minutes. He said “whatever comes into my head or nothing very much at all.”

Toaster ovens are cheap. The Black and Decker on sale sometimes goes for $29.95. When you get the toaster home the first thing to do is throw out the pan that comes with it because you will never use it. Then you plug it in and put an English muffin in. The toaster lights up beautifully and the muffin is done perfectly. so far so good.
Have you noticed within two months the toaster is either burning your toast or more likely the elements are unevenly heating. After four months the toaster is toast and you hang in for a few more months and then buy a new one having forgotten that $29.95 is cheap for a reason.
Some people never learn and I’m one of them

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