Everyone knows the old saw about- if a man makes a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to his door.

I think it is true because I recently spotted several mice, one in the kitchen and one running across the floor in the living room. Now normally we don’t see mice this late in the winter. They somehow find their way in when the weather first gets cold but this year has been so warm I guess they’ve taken their chances outside with the cats, who used to be great mousers but have gotten lazy of late.

The old tried and true mouse trap is the Victor on the left above. But in a moment of weakness I bought the Dcon on the right, thinking it might work as well or better. But the large yellow plastic pad takes too much pressure to snap and the mice can get the cheese, or peanut butter before it snaps their little necks.

So I have gone back to the tried and true Victor and sure enough I caught one last night. I removed it and showed it to the cats before I threw it in the bushes. They showed little interest and suggested they prefer milk and have considered becoming vegans.

Last summer we rented the farm house to some city people who complained that they had seen a mouse and insisted on getting an exterminator. As luck would have it I have a lifelong friend who is an exterminator, or big game hunter as I call him. He put these wonderful little cardboard houses that the mouse enters croaks and stays inside. All you have to do is throw out the whole contraption. The problem with them is they take out the fun of running your trap lines and hunting. The excitement of finding your prey in the morning is what it’s all about. So it’s back to the Victor for me.

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