February 7th is what is called the Full Snow Moon. It is also sometimes called the Full Hunger Moon. In the early days of this country before global warming, when snow covered most of the Northern lands February was a time when hunting became difficult. This year we have no snow on the ground but you can still walk through the woods and see quite clearly when the moon is full. Our old neighbors, former neighbors, used to hike at night on the trails when the February full moon allowed them to roam the hills.

Last night the full moon was right above the constellation Orion, the Hunter, with it’s four square stars and the three stars that make up the hunter’s belt. Both the full moon now and the constellation Orion make up the spectacular winter sky that was the same sky that ” Dutch sailors eyes feasted on, when they first picked out this continent.”

I’ve posted below a song by Leon Redbone, Shine on Harvest Moon, the harvest moon being traditionally at the time of the fall equinox. Leon is an old time singer, originally from Canada who still travels around and performs with the talent few others can top, at least in my opinion.He wears a panama hat, dark sunglasses, a pencil black string tie and has a gravelly voice. Listen for the great guitar solo in the middle and enjoy.

Leon Redbone

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