Well the pups are now eight weeks old and they are starting to go to their new homes. All are spoken for or sold but one little sweet girl. So if any of my readers, preferably local want to buy a puppy, she will be a fine hunter and a loving house dog.

How do I know? Believe me I know because her sister, officially known for AKC purposes as Aunt dot, is here and saw her first snow, went for her first car ride and is being watched over very carefully by her mother Bea, who keeps cleaning her ears and licking her face.

Speaking of the AKC, I think they are a machine to make money. Every time you do anything with them they charge you. They don’t even have an 800 phone number so every time you have to call you get the old “Someone will be with you shortly.” That means minimum 10 minutes.

Then you have to get the forms or download them and start paying fees for everything, Each puppy is charged, copies of pedigrees are charged for, registration is charged for etc etc. But they have a lock on the pedigree business. Now why is that?

How about a company called the United States Kennel Club? How about we start one and start coining money. We’d get an 800 number for starters and charge half as much as the AKC. Then we’d hire a lobbyist in Washington, meet with some congressmen from a dog friendly state and we’d be off to the races. And who says that there are economic problems in the country with innovative ideas to start new businesses like this one!

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