The above picture was taken this week by our neighbors. They live only about a quarter of a mile from the farm. When I was younger, and not that much younger, no one ever saw eagles in the Hudson Valley. Eagles along with Peregrine falcons were almost extinct in this area. Supposedly the DDT and other sprays caused the birds eggshells to be too thin and the chicks couldn’t survive.

Anyway the eagles are back. They only come towards the end of the winter. I suppose they are migrating through this area. There are a lot of pheasants, wild ducks and other game birds in Clove Valley and the eagles have easy prey and a good source of protein. Some neighbors have seen them pick off the birds on the wing. In particular the Peregrine falcon used to be called duck hawk before it got a fancy name. As fast as ducks are the falcons can swoop down from above and nail them.

This picture is a beauty. The neighbors said he stayed for five hours before flying off for dinner.

I just received another picture from the same neighbor of a rainbow this AM. The weather is crazy, approaching 60 degrees today, warmest winter in memory. I will follow the rainbow this weekend with a shovel as the ground isn’t even frozen.

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