An article in the New York Times caught my eye this morning. It is about the Sandhilll Crane which used to be protected but is now so common in Wisconsin they are considering a hunting season. They are destroying corn fields and the farmers want to hunt them. Now here are three interesting facts in the article, which may save you reading it:
1- Sandhill cranes are said to taste just like pork!
2- Mourning doves after years of contention are now permitted to be hunted
3- There is a fear that the cranes will be mistaken for the extremely rare Whooping crane

There is no mention in the article what Whooping cranes taste like, my guess would be chicken. Further as I mentioned in an earlier posting hunting Mourning doves is still not permitted in NYS as they are considered song birds. My last comment is that a state like Wisconsin where they are trying to recall the governor (no personal opinion, or rather a strong personal opinion, not stated here) and a strong populist tradition should fight about this for maybe 5 years before deciding as I think the people of Wisconsin prefer a good fight to a new law.

I’ve never seen a Sandhill crane near the farm. I know they are migratory but wonder whether they have ever been sighted in New York State. I’ll leave that to my neighbor John who I hope is still a member of the Ralph T Waterman Bird Club.

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